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Online ACT Math/Science Class Starting June 19, 2020

ACT Math

This class will break down ACT Math problems into basic categories and teach students key strategies for each, including numeric approximation, backsolving, and strategic guessing. We will cover basic fundamentals in algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. With lots of practice your student can achieve their goal score!

ACT Science

The ACT Science section, more than any other, is about strategy over knowledge. This class will cover the test format and the three types of passages your student will encounter. They will learn strategies to quickly find information and answer questions accurately. They will learn to draw on the basic knowledge they already have to master the Science section!

  • Weekly 75 min Class on Math & Science

  • Weekly Q& A Session (up to 45 min)

  • Weekly Homework

  • Timed ACT Test Sections

  • One Full Length Timed Proctored Test before September ACT

My Online ACT Prep course is an affordable, long-term approach to help students achieve their goal score! Zoom, Google Classroom and a whiteboard are utilized for the course and homework will be assigned and tracked weekly.

Course Cost:  $50 per week, payable in full on the 1st of each month

                           12 week course

(In case of absence, classes are recorded.)

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