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What Clients are Saying

I have been working with Rachel for close to a year now on both my SAT Math and ACT Math & Science. I went from a 1260 PSAT to a 1410 SAT with her help. She not only explained the content very well, but gave me helpful tips and tricks that saved time. She was invested throughout the process and texted me after each SAT I took. Her attention to detail and knowledge gave my SAT score the boost it needed to be competitive for college scholarships and honors programs. I highly recommend her! 

                                                                                         ~LENA H.

Rachel is an amazing tutor. My daughter has always struggled with Math and as we entered her senior year and dreams of college we knew help would be necessary. Not only did Rachel help Annabel achieve an excellent final grade, but she became so confident in her new found abilities, she was helping fellow classmates understand formulas and problems! I would highly recommend Rachel Joyner!

Ms. Joyner has been tutoring our daughter (rising HS Jr.) over the past academic year in both Honors Chemistry & Math, and we couldn't be happier. Besides being a brilliant teacher, she is always prepared with a focused game-plan for each session that not only addresses current subject matter, but she also focuses on overall skill-building, which has helped my daughter build a lot of confidence!

We also used Ms Joyner for my daughter's ACT test prep, specifically in Math. We received her test score today and she made an excellent overall score which was due to the major improvement in her Math section! So, we couldn't be more happy with the services of Ms. Joyner! We recommend her to all our friends!

                                                                                                                                    ~STEVE H.

Rachel has an amazing gift to help prepare students for SAT/ACT test and high school math & chemistry. She has many years of experience and is very knowledgable in the content. Some great qualitites that she expresses when tutoring students are: flexibility, enthusiaum, patients and respect. I would highly recommend Rachely Joyner to help your child become more successful! 


Thank you so much for all your help and tutoring in math. I truly appreciate all your time and commitment. I am really grateful you were my tutor. Math has been tough but your guidance has helped me understand it more. I am truly thankful for everything you have done for me. I will carry what you have taught me to college next year. 


                                                                       ~SARAH L.

I was hesitant at first to sign up my daughter for an SAT Prep Course. Everything I had read explained that it is more difficult to improve significantly once you kid scores in the mid 1400's. Rachel Joyner defied the statistics and helped my daughter improve her SAT score over 100 points, including earning an 800 in Math (thank you Rachel!!!)


My experience has been very positive. Rachel Joyner is very concerned and helpful with Dylan. She communicates with me when there are concerns or issues that I need to be aware of. I have used tutors in the past and Rachel is the best solution for my grandson. You can't go wrong if you have Rachel for tutoring help. Without her help Dylan would not have raised his math grade by 10 points. 


Rachel Joyner has been a blessing to my son and my family. My son has more confidence and gets excited when he gets his math grades now. 


We could not be more pleased with the success that our daughter had on her ACT.  After completing  8 ACT tutoring sessions with Miss Joyner her score went from a 21 to a “27”!!! YES, 6 POINTS!!!  We were ALL very happy with her results…  Doing the homework is essential to the success of the tutoring hours. 


Rachel Joyner is a wonderful test prep tutor for the SAT and ACT. She has many years of experience teaching students how to improve their scores and reach their testing goals. Rachel is calm, patient, and very thorough. She provides her students with the tools they need to master the content on these exams, various testing strategies to approach different problem types, and even ways to conquer test anxiety. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for help on their college entrance exams! 


Rachel is AMAZING! When my son walks out her front door with a smile on his face, smiling as big as can be and says I KNOW EVERYTHING! She's amazing. THAT IS PRICELESS!


Rachel is reliable, effective and personable with her students. She gets to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses so she can offer the most effective assistance. She is flexible with her student’s schedule and sends out individualized reminders to keep students on task in between sessions. Highly recommended!                      

                                                                                      ~ KRISTIN M.

Rachel is great! My son improved his math scores significantly working with her. She had a flexible schedule and tailored the tutoring to how he best learned. College here we come thanks to tutoring!


I had the opportunity to be tutored by Mrs. Joyner for two years during my sophomore and junior years of high school. Her insight and experience in the areas of math and science gave me an excellent foundation for the more difficult courses I ended up taking in college. I found her times flexible, able to work around tennis practice as well as other extracurricular activities! I also participated in her SAT prep sessions as well and saw a large improvement in my scores! I would recommend her to anyone who is either struggling in a subject or wishes to simply get a better understanding to improve their performance!

~Kyle F.

I have used Ms. Joyner as a tutor for math and chemistry at different points over the last two years. While I was hesitant to hire a tutor for the first time, since my grades are generally pretty good, Ms. Joyner made me feel comfortable and assured me that she could boost my grades several percentage points. I was able to effectively work with Ms. Joyner online from the comfort of my home. In the end, she improved my confidence, boosted my grades, heightened my understanding of the material and was incredibly flexible with my busy schedule. She was always kind and patient, while assuring me that I could master the content. I am forever grateful for her assistance and I wouldn't have been able to pull off an "A" in chemistry without her!